The Idea behind starting ‘Travel Blogs Club’ grew out of the frustration and time to research a place to go.

Whether you’re a motorhome, caravaner, camper, boater, cyclist, walker, hiker or climber the problem is the same.

A simple scenario would be ‘I want to visit somewhere by the water this weekend’ – simple question but the existing websites make it complicated and time consuming to get quality results.

With ‘Travel Blogs Club’ you can just click on ‘canals’, ‘rivers’, ‘sea’ or ‘beach’ from the category menu and the resulting search result will show only this criteria complete with Google map – just zoom in on the area you want to go and you’re there.

At the bottom of each result page is a ‘Get Directions’ Google facility so you don’t have to leave the website to get route planning and ‘turn by turn’ directions.

The website has been designed with responsive technology so that it can be used on all devices including smartphones.

The aim of ‘Travel Blogs Club’ is quality, if you feel you would like to contribute as an author please Register on the website and then complete the Contact Form giving brief details of yourself and travels.